Ideateca has created a new way to build puzzles that will revolutionize the classic game we play today.

Are you tired of traditional puzzles? Do still images seem boring?

The age of traditional puzzles has drawn to a close. With VideoPuzzle, you can demonstrate your visual ability to move video-pieces around to complete puzzles.

As you move up levels, you will have more puzzle pieces to work with. Also, some pieces may be reversed, and you will need to double-click on them to flip them around.

The game includes multiple game modes:

Arcade Mode: Pass levels by solving video puzzles as quickly as possible. The difficulty increases with each level.

Photo Album Mode: If you prefer a traditional puzzle, choose images from your gallery and have fun playing with your photos.

Video Album Mode: Play with your own videos! Select your favorite videos and move around the pieces to complete the puzzle.

Camera Mode: Open the camera on your iPhone and solve puzzles in real time! If your iPhone has a front camera, you can even do a puzzle of your own face! How cool is that?

Join the fun and start playing VideoPuzzle right now!

Available on the iPhone App Store