With its headquarters in Europe and the United States, Ideateca specializes in developing applications and video games for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

After achieving success in the market for mobile device applications, Ideateca is now launching a Publishing Program for independent developers who are seeking strategic support for promoting, developing, and designing applications and video games.

Why should I participate in Ideateca's Publishing Program?

Success in the company's own applications. Ideateca offers recognized experience (more than 15 million downloads in 90 countries worldwide).

Proven experience. Its game iBasket, with 15 million downloads, has been top ranked in countries like Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, and the USA.

Globalization. Ideateca recently opened its office in Silicon Valley, making it easier to work firsthand with the iPhone and Android industry. Because of this, applications using the Publishing Program will have greater visibility and a stronger impact in the U.S. market and in major international markets.

Public relations with specialized agencies, blogs, and digital media outlets worldwide.

Contacts and agreement opportunities with leading advertising networks.

Cross-selling. Your app will be promoted within a network of applications with millions of users, associated with a brand that is recognized throughout the world.

Development support, work methodologies, and graphic design for applications. The Ideateca team provides design, development, and other resources to support the developer's work.

Flexibility. At Ideateca, we know that each application is different. We can help both ideas that are currently under development and in need of some polishing and finished products that are looking for a way to be promoted.

Have you developed a game, and you don't know how to release it to the market? Do you want to maximize your app's potential?

If you are interested in learning more about how Ideateca can provide added value for your application, please contact us at publishing (at) ideateca.com. ;) We're here to help!